Tenants who are having trouble paying rent have been given a great opportunity by our Federal Government.


If you have tenants who haven’t paid rent READ THIS:

Temporary Housing Assistance Program Parameters
for Renters

Program Size: Up to $10 million
Funding Source: CARES Act

Applicant Eligibility
Income Limit: Not to exceed 80% of the AMI by household size
Income Definition: Salaries, wages, pension, social security, or other benefits required for 2019 federal tax filing
Housing Expense Definition: Tenant’s monthly rent expense (does not include utilities, fees or other charges)
AMI Limit based on Location: https://www.huduser.gov/portal/elist/2020-April-14.html

Household Income: Income of the lessor and income of other non-minor person(s) living in the unit
Financial Hardship: Caused directly or indirectly by COVID-19 only.

Minimum Financial Hardship Impact:
Rent exceeds 30% of Current Household Income
Last Current Payment: Have been “current” with February due rent payment
Counseling and Mediation: Option to participate

Assistance Eligibility
Total Assistance: Up to $4,000 per household and address
Duration: Up to 12 consecutive months
Arrearage Period: March payment and/or thereafter
Arrearage Composition: Rent and late fees
Current Household Income: The lowest monthly gross income during the Arrearage Period
Current Monthly Gross Income Definition: Salaries, wages, pension, social security, or other benefits required for 2020 federal tax filing
Payment by Household: Not less than 30% of the Current Household Income towards Rent
Maximum Monthly Assistance: Rent less Payment by Household up to a maximum of $1,000 per month. Tenant/landlord must fill any gap
Monthly Recertification: Required. For eligibility only. Amount of assistance will not change

Repayment Features
Type: Grant, repayment not required
Rate: Not applicable
Start Date: Not applicable
Lockout: Not applicable
End Date: Not applicable

Other Requirements or Restrictions
Other Housing Assistance: Subsidized units either by federal or state are not eligible
Residence: Primary residence only
Mortgage: Not applicable
Order to Vacate: Cannot have been under an eviction order for non-payment of rent prior to March 11
Financial Status: Priority 1: Denied Unemployment and at or below 60% AMI
Priority 2: Denied Unemployment and at or below 80% AMI
Priority 3: 80% AMI or below
Landlord or Lender Participation: Must resolve any pending eviction action due to non-payment initiated effective March 11 or later

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